Oly Sport: Stakeholder Letter — Nov 3rd, 2021

James Sterling Bogarts
2 min readNov 3, 2021


Dear Oly Sport investors, partners, and believers:

The race is about to start, and as our supporters, you will have a front row seat to watch it all.

In the last 15 days , we’ve raised $2M at a $20M valuation, and have built a product set to disrupt global gaming, finance, and real estate markets.

We’ve closed the strategic sales round, and we thank the early investors who believe in our vision right from the start: BSCStation, X21, Genblock Capital, Basics Capital, Redkite, Halvings Capital, Onebit Ventures, BV Capital, G. Crypto, ZBS Capital, VBC Ventures, Reblock, BSC News, Gagarin Crypto, DB Hacker and NFTy Play.

We’ve reached 33K followers on Twitter, 48K community members on Telegram, and 60+ active KOLs around the world, from Japan, Korea, S.E.A., Europe and Latin America. We cannot get here without your help.

As we close chapter 1 of Oly Sport, we flip the pages to our 2nd chapter — one where we deliver all the promises that we have made.

Our vision is simple: To unite humanity under a common thread in order to work together to solve the global challenges that lie ahead.

  • In the future, we see a world where people no longer need to fear job displacement by AI. People can participate within our metaverse to earn a living as a member of our crypto economy. In this future, anyone can make a living playing video games.
  • People will never have to line-up in front of a bank teller ever again, nor will we have to wait on “hold” to process financial transactions. The latent bureaucracy, corruption, and inefficiencies that poison the financial sector will be lifted; and its entirety redefined by metaverse concepts like our own. Banking as we know it today, will be obsolete.
  • Real estate will no longer be an investment class of the elite. Players of Oly Sport have the opportunity to purchase real estate simply by playing our game. Land will be parcelled out in shares, and Oly Racers can acquire them as in-game NFT assets. We will democratize land and make it widely available for anyone across the globe.

Our metaverse will be a home to all. Regardless of your race, culture, ethnicity, playstyle, income, or country; everyone can find a place in Oly Sport.

The Oly Sport metaverse is beyond our individual selves. I’ve committed to this project not for my own desires, but because the world needs it. COVID has unveiled the facade of our world; and Oly Sport is our play to right the wrongs of past evils. Let’s collectively move forward, not for ourselves, but for our loved ones: our friends, family, and children who will inherit the world-to-be.

Thank you once again, and now:


Yours truly,

Jimmy Chan

Oly Sport



James Sterling Bogarts

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