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Lately, I have been obsessed to find a way to educate 1 billion people given recent industry transformations. I think there are incredible opportunities in the market today. The future of education is going to be the next big industry that is ripe for disruption.

Why 1 Billion People?

Currently, less than 1 billion people around the world have access to the same level of education that I have today in Canada. My access to higher education beyond primary and secondary school places me in the top 5% of the world.

In the past months, we have witnessed a fundamental…

Part 1: Neglecting the Wild Beast

We as homo sapiens have been on Earth for 200,000 odd years. The past century forced us to adapt in ways that we’ve never needed to in our ancestral past. During prehistory, we’ve lived as hunters and gathers. Our mind and body are shaped under these conditions. The modern era of recorded history is a pin-drop in time relative to this evolutionary past. If the existence of homo sapiens is spanned across a day, our modern era would exist from 11:17pm to midnight.

During that last 43 minutes, 99% of all technological progress resides. This is the time of urbanization…

The start of 2021 marks the 4th year since launching Odyssey3D and going “all in’’ back in 2017. Before that time, I spent my last year in university to validate the idea. I failed in all my other business attempts and this was my “last go” as an entrepreneur. I thought, “even if I could make $1 from this idea, I would pursue this full time after I graduate”. I actually earned $200 for shooting Sahil Jaggi’s custom-developed home and lost $400 for employing a third-party vendor to do it. I was down $200 but was more motivated than ever…

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Once upon a time, there was half a boy curious to know what it meant to be whole. He felt wrong — as if a fundamental part of him was missing. When all of his friends cried, he looked with rational amusement. When all his friends loved, he couldn’t see past their immediate reactions. To this boy; empathy can be packaged into neat descriptive words, but never felt. The boy sees people around him who are whole: they could intuitively “feel” what he could not.

This boy was ambitious and wanted to become the leader of his tribe. He knew…

You live at a fraction of your potential — exhausting yourself to overcome brain fog, insomnia, lost libido, stomach bloating, chronic inflammation, and excess fat. And amidst all this struggle, you’ve lost your boyhood wonder to explore nature, venture into the unknown, and connect with the real sense of what it truly means to be alive.

Never in history is there a time when mankind has been so blessed with material wealth — you and everyone you know, live like the kings of yesteryear. …

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Leadership, when done right, appears as if no one is leading at all. I want to lead with non-intervention, non-assertion, and non-force so that events can unfold seamlessly — as nature intended it. I want to learn how to guide the path of my team without forcing it, how to cultivate team morale without anyone realizing that I am the motivator, and award the credit of progress to everyone without them feeling like I directed them towards it.

To lead is to love. To lead is to disentangle the fear that debilitates us. And to lead is to surrender to…

University lectures were not for me. I hated memorizing, regurgitating, and later forgetting theoretical knowledge that had no practical use. I felt imprisoned by institutionalized education and rebelled. So I booked a one-way ticket to rural Guatemala and lived in a village that only spoke Spanish. Exposing myself to first-hand poverty, and living in a Mayan community gave me a new perspective. This is a story of how I dirtbagged across Latin America for 16 months, nearly half of my time in university, and got school credit for it.

“In startup culture, failure is accepted and encouraged. This is EXACTLY what we believe in at Odyssey3D. After all, how else are we going to reinvent the home purchasing experience? Fail fast. Fail smart. And fail often. That is the best way to innovate.”

I thought I’d take this opportunity to share my biggest failure. Before Odyssey3D, I was working on another business idea that fell flat on its face.

As an entrepreneur, you need to fail fast. Odyssey is a story of perseverance, of pure grit, and never giving up. After all, nothing ever worth doing is “easy”.


My first high school test mark was 58%. I felt ashamed, alone, and without hope. I was frustrated because I worked harder than any of my classmates — i f my friends studied for 3 hours, I would study for 9 hours — but we would get the same grades. I learned early on that I would not succeed by hard work alone. I needed to think differently to reach the top.

My graduating grade from high school was 96%. I was accepted to Canada’s most elite business school with $79,000 from 14 scholarships. I also worked less than any…

James Sterling Bogarts

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